James Nicholls

Platform Manager in Bristol, UK

I manage large real-time platforms and datasets using Linux tooling.

AWSAzureDigital OceanGitAnsibleTerraform


Revert Unknown Git Commits

Rewriting the past to subtract from the present.

Self-Hosted Passwords

How to run Bitwarden at home for more than 3 months.

How to Launder Bitcoin

You can't win if you don't play the game. A rant and a how-to guide.

Marketing Machine Gun

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Puzzle Cards

(2020) Web app for creating, editing and sharing puzzles, built with Svelte and Redis.


(2013) Visualization tool enabling multiple perspectives of network traffic data using pcap.

Pipeline Simulator

(2014) Mobile graphics pipeline simulator. An educational tool for Android devices.


Dstny Automate

Currently I look after the Call2Teams global calling platform, connecting half a million voice users to Microsoft Teams.


At Netcraft I created and maintained dense, functional web interfaces backed by large datasets. I also performed penetration tests for web applications.


Emails to [email protected] will reach me.