Puzzle Cards

Web app for creating, editing and sharing puzzles, built with Svelte and Redis.

This project is currently active and hosted at puzzlecards.app.


Puzzle cards is a project I implemented during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK in 2020. The idea for a card that encapsulates 5 different puzzles came from the brother of a colleague, who laid them out using Microsoft PowerPoint and posted them via his Facebook account regularly. The puzzles were fun to make and complete, and implementing them in a web app was a good opportunity to learn to use some new (to me) software.

Screenshot of Dog Breeds puzzle card
Screenshot of featured "Popular Dog Breeds" puzzle card


I chose to build a frontend using the Svelte framework; my implementation isn't as idiomatic Svelte as I'd like, especially Card.svelte, but it all works perfectly well. I might neaten it up and add some new features if I decide to revisit it.

Redis is incredibly straightforward software to use, I enjoyed working with it very much. The backend is a simple Mojolicious (Perl) app because I wanted to throw a simple API server together with minimum fuss. As usual, the most time-consuming part of the project was working out the current JavaScript packaging best practices. It's probably already a little out of date, but it works now, and that's what counts.


This project is hosted on Gitlab. I decided to use GitLab issues to keep track of my own progress, and you'll notice that a lot of ideas are still unimplemented. I might return to this if I have the inclination.